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Any dispute, disagreement or claim arising from or in connection with this contract, or with any of its amendments, including but not limited to its conclusion, validity, effectiveness, interpretation, performance, breach or termination, shall submitted and definitively settled by arbitration to be administered by the EUROCHAMBRES’ Mediation and Arbitration Chamber - CAE – in São Paulo, in accordance with its Arbitration Rules (1).

  • The Arbitration Panel will be composed by [One / three] arbitrator[s].
  • The arbitrator[s] [will] fill the following criteria for qualification: [practice area, area of technical expertise, legal education consistent with the law applicable in principle to the contract, etc.].
  • The Arbitration Panel will seat at [City, country] (2).
  • The Arbitration Panel will rule within [Months].
  • The language to be used in the procedure will be [Language].
  • The fees of arbitrator[s] [Devolve to the losing party / will be apportioned equally between the parties].


  1. Or other rules preferred by the parties.
  2. The venue is essential since it will provide the applicable arbitration law, the competent jurisdiction in case of need for judicial support and the "nationality" of the arbitral award.
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