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Encontro Anual Global 2013 da EBO Worldwide Network

Data e Local:

24 de Junho de 2013
Local: Bruxelas / Bélgica

With the support of the European Commission the EBO Worldwide Network was created in 2001 between representatives of EU business associations in non-EU countries and chambers of commerce. It stands as the sole network representing EU-wide business interests in Third Countries. Ten (10) years later, after its creation, EBO was incorporated under Belgium Law as non profit organization ASBL for the purpose of adjusting its legal structure into EU regulations. Its Board of Directors has five (five) members, also including Brazil's CAE-Eurocâmaras. They regularly meet every month to follow the main issues. Annual General Meeting takes place in the EU Commission DG Enterprise and Industry and another Global Meeting takes place outside Europe. EBO represents today 25 third countries' European Chambers of Commerce worldwide.

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